[fpc-pascal] INDY 10 for FPC

Henrik Genssen henrik.genssen at mediafactory.de
Thu Sep 3 08:31:33 CEST 2009

you have to checkout the Tiburon branch - thats what they are working on!

but do not expect too much! it only works on windows as they are reinventing the wheel
on iconv support
so far it does not work at least on MACOSX

-- Hinnack

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>subject: Re: [fpc-pascal] INDY 10 for FPC
>Well, if one checks out the latest Indy SVN sources from
>the latest revision is 3778 (last update was in April 2009) there is no 
>way to compile it for FPC/Lazarus.
>The FPC related README file is the same as for the 2007 FPC 
>only version and the steps are not working here because there are no 
>such directories in the trunk.
>There are some Makefile.fpc in a few directories, but all of them lists 
> in them as a version (in \Lib\System\IdVers.inc it says 10.2.3).
>There is a \Lib\indymaster-Makefile.fpc but it gives
>make -f indymaster-Makefile.fpc all
>indymaster-Makefile.fpc:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.
>In short I did not find a way to even compile the latest Indy source for 
>FPC/Lazarus from their SVN.
>Maybe someone more knowledgeable could make a try at it and suggest some 
>steps that work.
>As of now, only the old 2007 FPC only, non-merged Indy can be 
>compiled for FPC/Lazarus
>Marco van de Voort wrote:
>> In our previous episode, Henrik Genssen said:
>>> does someone know where to find a current indy port (or cvs / svn) for INDY10 for
>>> FPC / Lazarus?
>>> the link http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/Indy_with_Lazarus
>>> points to a version from 11/13/2007.
>>> or is this project dead?
>> Yes and no. It is dead because it was succesful, and backmerged into
>> mainline Indy. 
>> However Indy merged a big branch (for Tiburon support) back into the
>> mainbranch, so that could have upset minor things, like the Lazarus project
>> files etc.
>> So the rough core is working, but the "polishing" hasn't been redone
>> recently.
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