[fpc-pascal] One experience with the unit serial

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Fri Nov 20 04:42:23 CET 2009

Holger Bruns wrote:

> At first, there must be a queue for incoming data despite I 
> ruled out a queue with an inbuffer with the length 1. 

No, you did not rule out a queue at all, you are simply reading from it 1 byte at a time.

I'm absolutely positive you can do what you want to do by simply using the serial unit. The problem 
is we don't know how to help you as you keep waving about wild assertions and refuse to actually 
tell us what you want to do so we can help you.

How about posting your code thus far and a brief description about what you are trying to do?

Serial on linux is really not hard, and when you get it right on Linux you get it working on Mac OSX 
for free :)

Just stop thinking about the very low level details about what you are trying to do. Pretend the 
UART does not exist and you are just dealing with a device with a well defined interface.

You can open the port with, or without blocking. You can easily enable/disable hardware flow 
control, you can manually toggle the flow control lines, you can change the formats and data rates 
and you can do all this very, very easily. Just let us help you instead of telling us that it all 
sucks and all you need to do is access the UART directly. If you do this the *right* way, you get 
multi-port, USB->Serial and transparent serial network devices all for free.

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