[fpc-pascal] const records passed incorrectly

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Nov 16 15:58:12 CET 2009

On Mon, 16 Nov 2009, Anthony Walter wrote:

> This is because Delphi belongs to is a commercial enterprise, and it
> is in their best interested not to bend over backwards to work with a
> free competing product.
> The power I felt FPC has had was it's compatibility with Delphi. FPC
> maintained compatibility with the languages and even with the class
> library (SysUtils.pas, Classes.pas).
> I understand it's difficult to maintain this parity between FPC and
> Delphi, especially when Delphi does things which seem wrong (such as
> they way they implemented operator overloading), but IMO keeping that
> parity goes is more important than ego (if that is where the problem
> really lays).

Ego is not the problem. Time is, as Jonas pointed out.

My observations were purely from a more philosophical point of view; 
In general we try to be Delphi compatible as much as time and
backward compatibility permits.


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