[fpc-pascal] x86.pp and oldlinux.pp

Paul Breneman Paul2005 at BrenemanLabs.com
Wed Nov 4 14:34:20 CET 2009


> The only way to use serial ports successfully to me, is to use the unit 
> serial on fpc, if I choose fpc to deal with serial ports. Another 
> problem results from misleading comments on the implemented procedures 
> and functions. As explained, seropen would return a zero, if a device 
> cannot be found. For real, seropen returns a zero, if this device is 
> found, and -1, if not.
> Under the bottom line, it is embarrassing time consuming for a newbie 
> like me, to work successfully with serial ports on linux.

Here is a very simple serial example using FPC and SynaSer:

Hope that is of some help.



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