[fpc-pascal] Enum RTTI

Wolfram Kläger wolfram.klaeger at web.de
Thu Nov 5 11:10:24 CET 2009

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> Betreff: [fpc-pascal] Enum RTTI

> I very often have enums for which I want string descriptions. I couldn't 
> find a way to use RTTI to obtain the string descriptions so I resorted 
> to having an array of strings. The problem is that the enums change 
> frequently in item count and item order, which means I spend a lot of 
> time fixing the string<->enum functions .


maybe you want to try:


// implementation

function Str(const AEnum : TEnum) : String; overload;
  Result := GetEnumName(TypeInfo(TEnum), ord(AEnum));

I usually declare one such overload per enum type. If you are using sysutils.Str, you have to avoid conflicts by chosing a different function name, e.g. EnumStr.


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