[fpc-pascal] x86.pp and oldlinux.pp

Holger Bruns holger.bruns at gmx.net
Tue Nov 3 11:18:07 CET 2009

Jonas Maebe schrieb:
> And regarding your later remark about FPC only being usable as root: 
> it's the Linux kernel that only allows direct port access by root. 
> Please stop blaming every single one of your problems on the compiler 
> or the RTL.
Under the bottom line, the result is just the same. You need to become a 
superuser on a linux system, if you want to compile source code for 
accessing ports directly, regardless of the compiler or any other tool. 
This is not blaming your software as faulty, it's just a remark on a 
linux restriction. Secondly, having problems with a programming language 
is not a sign for a bad compiler. One can misunderstand some 
expressions, can produce errors, needs to learn more about programming. 
I do not blame your work, I appreciate it instead, and I am using fpc. I 
am pretty sure, the longer I work with it, the more I shall become 
familiar with it. Todays pascal is far more advanced than turbo pascal 
from Borland or UCSD pascal on the old Apple II, and now I have to learn 
pascal just as a programming language, which I would see the first time 
in my life.


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