[fpc-pascal] Something I discovered using "Hint" directives.

fpclist at silvermono.co.za fpclist at silvermono.co.za
Mon Nov 2 17:49:45 CET 2009


FPC 2.2.4 refers.

Two of the four hint directives listed on page 11 of the Reference Guide for 
Free Pascal, version 2.2.4 don't work as described in the manual.

The "Experimental" directive causes the compiler to stop with a syntax error.
The example program listed on page 11 doesn't compile because of 
the "Experimental" directive. 

The "Unimplemented" directive seems to be ignored. (This directive is 
mis-spelt in the manual, but this, I am quite sure, is not the cause of the 
compile time error).

Are these known issues?

The directives listed on page 11 of the manual issue warnings during 
compilation. Why are they refered to as "Hint" directives?


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