[fpc-pascal] Servlet server for Fpc apps

Dariusz Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Mon Mar 30 21:16:11 CEST 2009

Adrian Veith pisze:
> Dariusz Mazur schrieb:
>> Marco van de Voort pisze:
>>> In our previous episode, Michael Van Canneyt said:
>>>>> But maybe I dont understand your need.
>>>>> You think about counterpart of LCL level, or computation wide
>>>>> consist in event
>>>>> (form.onclick, form.onedit) function in Delphi ?
>>>> All events and almost any class I need should be available in the
>>>> client...
>>> Aren't you talking about two different classes? Webapps with some
>>> browser
>>> (Ajax) support, and more RIA-like JS apps?
>>> At least that is how it sounds to me, with Michael going more to the RIA
>>> direction.
>> I don't talk about any compromise with appearance of application.
>> Everything, as you imagine should be done with HTML+CSS.
>> I dont think (I testing it every day) that is any bigger issue, that
>> can't be done on server side with small JS addons on browser.
>> RIA means for users beautiful, with 3D, alfa and animations efect. All
>> can be done with small assistance of JS.
> That's the point - how do you define small ?!?
As i mention before 1..2 kLOC all JS code for whole application. But it 
doesn't matter. Most of them is universal,  as LCL.
Is small as assembler inlines in most of applications.
> If you can't do everything on the server, you have to perform some part
> of the logic on the client. 
Why any on logic move to client. I say only about GUI computation.
> And the richer the client gets, the more
> logic has to be performed on the client. Now you have the choice:
> 1. do the small part in JS - with the knowledge, that this part will
> likely increase in the future
> 2. or look for an alternative language, which is as close to what you
> are used to program as possible
> My decision  is clear, after some hours hunting a bug, because i
> declared a var "id" and somewhere made a test against "Id". I am using
> the haxe to JS compiler, because its typesafe. If there were a pascal to
> JS compiler, it would be an option to. But I doubt, that is feasible to
> convert the libraries to work under that environment. And that's the
> next problem. A language is only as good as its supporting libraries.
I have the same point. Strong language is best choice for huge 
application. I don't want to leave pascal, because it work: on desktop, 
on web side, without imaginable limitation (performance, portables, 
Second: I don't want depend from users computer, name and version 
browser, plugins. But if you move more code  to client side, then more 
dependences you acquire.

And about HAXE. Its tool to write application for browser. For it seems 
good. But I told about moving desktop, client-server, multiuser  
application to web-based. Maybe HAXE in outline similar to FPC, but till 
now hundred times smaller. Who trust this young and  unknown technology  
and base huge application on it. And server side ? You can translate 
client site to JS, server site to PHP, but what about communication 



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