[fpc-pascal] Servlet server for Fpc apps

Dariusz Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Mon Mar 30 13:38:43 CEST 2009

Michael Van Canneyt pisze:
> On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Dariusz Mazur wrote:
>>>> Why  does one need to translate from Pascal to Java ?
>>> Not from pascal to Java, but to Javascript: The browsers only understand
>>> javascript. Translating pascal to Javascript means you can write
>>> browser-side code in pascal, and then send it to the browser.
>> May I ask when do You need write ordinal code parallel on browser and server
>> side? What kind of computation? For me 99% of code should be on server. As You
>> write we have very fast (because compiled) application on server. Each user
>> action can be transform to server, computed and results sand back to browser.
>> Only for critical section we should write JS script. GUI is write once,
>> independent (as ExtJS)
> I want to write my client-side GUI code in pascal. I have no wish to learn
> Javascript. All extensive computation (mostly queries and database stuff)
> happens on the server, but the GUI must be programmed in Javascript because
> that is all the browser understands. 
Yes, You have to had client-side write in JS. But its not so huge  as 
You imagine.
But maybe I dont understand your need.
You think about counterpart of LCL level, or computation wide consist in 
event (form.onclick, form.onedit) function in Delphi ?

All You need is simple manipulation of HTML: change innerHTML, 
innerStyle and traverse trough DOM tree. Today I have less than 1k LOC, 
if future will be twice as grow. With this most of widgets ans its 
behavior can be achieved.
Most of work is done by CSS, which is static. And this is no place do 
translate pascal to JS

Second stage I don't move to browser side. For me it will be very big 


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