[fpc-pascal] ActiveX COM OLE2 on WinCE Arm

Henrik Genssen henrik.genssen at mediafactory.de
Mon Mar 16 10:35:10 CET 2009

I was using lazarus-0.9.26-fpc-2.2.2-win32.exe.
After updateing those files from SVN TRUNC, everything seems to work.

should'nt those file be copied to C:\lazarus\fpc\2.2.2\source\packages\winceunits\src or can I use
all units from C:\lazarus\fpc\2.2.2\source\packages\winunits-base\src on wince, too?



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>date: 14.03.2009 11:17:53
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>subject: [fpc-pascal] ActiveX COM OLE2 on WinCE Arm
>I wonder how to use CreateOLEObject on Wince. 
>per default ActiveX, comobj, comconst, ole2 are not available for Wince. 
>Copying the files from: C:\lazarus\fpc\2.2.2\source\packages\winunits-base\src into my project 
>it compiles well (and links well :-)) but starting the app on a M55 device gives an error: 
>"not a valid Pocket PC application" 
>any idea? 
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