[fpc-pascal] PWideChar vs. ^

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at web.de
Fri Mar 13 19:05:34 CET 2009

Am Freitag, den 13.03.2009, 18:14 +0100 schrieb Jonas Maebe:
> Please always include a compilable sample program when asking  
> questions about code behaviour. Without it, all that can be done is  
> hand waving.

I was more interested in some general guidelines about using (pointers
to) widestrings and conversion to ansistring eventually. The details are
visible from the code, but bringing the different parts of my data
classes and a lcl-treeview in harmony with wide strings handed in (from
fpc-xml, but that could be anything else) costs me much time currently.

Reading the installed documentation (pdf) of fpc 2.2.2 doesn't enlight
me so far, no mention of unit "cwstring" at all. Only some conversion
routines I cannot relate to what I'm doing.

I'll see if the Wiki can help me out,
Thank you.

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