[fpc-pascal] Matrix "Class" for nice matrix formulas

paco at fe.up.pt paco at fe.up.pt
Wed Mar 11 16:07:26 CET 2009


I have announced this on the Lazarus mailing list but it can be used  
in "pure" Free Pascal so I have decided to post it here also.

A Matrix "Class" that uses operator overloading for nice matrix
formulas is now available here:
It can represent a doubles matrix with any number of row or columns.

It is released under the Modified LGPL version common to the FCL/LCL

Please let me know about bugs, possible improvements and any question.

Best regards,

Paulo Costa

P.S. I'm on digest mode on this mailing list so if the post is to the  
mailing list only there can be some delay on my replies :(

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