[fpc-pascal] Creating FPC enabled websites

Prince Riley wmarketing3 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 19:30:23 CET 2009

Since the discussion in this thread has advanced pretty far along toward
recommending a FP and Powtils solution to you, then it appears you have a
technical answer from the group you can explore.

However, without suggesting there is a bias in favor of a specific
client-centric vs server-centric web framework, the REST protocol has
succeeded in becoming a paradigm for writing web (client sever) apps.

Primarily the reason why is -- especially for DB web applications -- is
efficiency, maintainability, and scalability. The recent major efforts by
Mozilla, Google, and others to improve the performance of browser Javascript
engines is due to their experience designing, writing and running CGI based
web applications. There is quite a bit of literature and discussion on the
web explaining why they are using REST versus CGI (Request/Response)  which
you might find helpful in making your design choices.

I have not worked with Powtils so I can't discuss whether or not it has the
features your application needs, or what the costs of using it might be in
terms of server processing load (Web server Request/Response), response
time, DB transaction processing load, etc.  I also don't know whether it can
be tweaked in some way to support the REST protocol for an application like

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Francisco Reyes <lists at stringsutils.com>wrote:

> Prince Riley writes:
>  Finally, give the advance from CGI based web apps to Web 2.0 (Javascript
>> running in the browser) is there a design rational for running code on the
>> server instead of in the web browser.
> I think that is almost a religious war type of discussion...
> Short answer (as it applies to me at least) If all I am doing is getting
> data from a DB and displaying it in the browser, there is little reason to
> do Javascript.
>> past few years. Zend (which is PHP, not Javascript) is also an
>> alternative.
> Personally my preference would be
> 1- Pascal
> 2- Python
> 3- PHP
> PHP can do absolutely everything I need/want; the difference is that I want
> something which lends itself more easily to well organized and structured
> coding. Also When I work on php it always feels like work.. even if it
> something I am doing for fun. It is one of those subjective things... the
> reason why there are so many languages and tools out there.
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