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> Not fpc related, but irie pascal (http://www.irietools.com) has a pascal
> that is cross platform, and does handle web support quite well.

It's more or less similar to Powtils. I don't see any good reasons to use it
while there are many CGI units available for FPC. Using Powtils, you don't
need to worry about database support since FPC had support for almost any
common databases out there. You don't need to worry about platform support
either since FPC run on almost any common platforms out there. Plus, you get
them all for free.

> If something like irie pascal could be built using fpc though, it would be
> a great help, since I'd really like to build some web apps, but w/o irie for
> osx, it puts a serious crimp in my ability to make cross-platform apps.

FPC offers lot more. You want pascal scripting? You may use Pascal Script
from RemObject. You want database support? You may use fcl-db (sql-db) or
Zeos. You want CGI units? There are many, the most famous is Powtils. Etc.
Plus, you can share your code with desktop application or may re-use code
from your legacy desktop into a web based app without or with minor

> Fpc is cross platform I know, but as far as I know, it's not optomized for
> cgi execution like irie pascal is.

Define "optimized for CGI execution". Most CGI units are just a handler for
web requests that come from web server. Not much optimization you can do
there. If you want more robust performance, go to FastCGI. FPC also has one
for this: FCGI class from ExtPascal project.

> I suppose I could build a stripped-down version of fpc specifically for
> cgi-type work, if anyone is interested in such, but i like the approach irie
> took in that you could use the same compiled source on any of it's supported
> platforms.

FPC is a general purpose compiler. What you need is a CGI or web framework
that can be compiled by FPC. You don't need to do anything particular to


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