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I am joining this discussion fairly late so if you've found your solution
already please ignore this post.

First, upon reading you feel Irie Pascal is 'optimized' for CGI execution on
OSX (Leopard?) my first question is how are you defining that. I've looked
over the Irie code just now (using the trial version) and I compared it to
the Indy 9 component. So far I don't see anything that would suggest Irie's
CGI could handle HTML requests any faster or handle larger loads better that
the Indy components. Could you explain in a bit more detail what are you
using as the baseline for your comparisons?

Next, could you also be a bit more specific if you are trying to write CGI
components for an embedded web server or do you expect to run them under an
standalone web server (like Apache)? Again just for the sake of
understanding what options to recommend to you, the choices you outlined in
your links all appear to be fairly common, ordinary web server add-ons that
really rely more on what the CGI tolls calls (external process or a daemon)
than something more exotic (like a DB server or transaction-based gateway).

Finally, give the advance from CGI based web apps to Web 2.0 (Javascript
running in the browser) is there a design rational for running code on the
server instead of in the web browser. If you want to see a few examples of
this kind of web app check out Google Gears. Its just one of several web app
frameworks that have become more stable and production ready in the past few
years. Zend (which is PHP, not Javascript) is also an alternative.

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 12:06 PM, Travis Siegel <tsiegel at softcon.com> wrote:

> Not fpc related, but irie pascal (http://www.irietools.com) has a pascal
> that is cross platform, and does handle web support quite well.
> My attempts to get him to support osx has fallen flat, but dos, windows,
> bsd, solaris (I think) and other distributions are supported, so it may do
> what you want.
> If something like irie pascal could be built using fpc though, it would be
> a great help, since I'd really like to build some web apps, but w/o irie for
> osx, it puts a serious crimp in my ability to make cross-platform apps.
> Fpc is cross platform I know, but as far as I know, it's not optomized for
> cgi execution like irie pascal is.
> I suppose I could build a stripped-down version of fpc specifically for
> cgi-type work, if anyone is interested in such, but i like the approach irie
> took in that you could use the same compiled source on any of it's supported
> platforms.
> I've thought about cloning irie pascal virtual machines and writing that in
> fpc, but I don't know if i want to do that much work just to get something
> that out to be simple to create if Mr.Stewart would pull his head out of his
> nether regions and allow somebody to make anyhow.
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