[fpc-pascal] EFCreateError' Unable to create file

vmars vmars at rgv.rr.com
Tue Jan 27 00:35:36 CET 2009

Ahh.., I see.

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> On 1/26/09, vmars <vmars at rgv.rr.com> wrote:
>> Double quotes are ok in windows.
>>  Check your system for any ShortCut aimed at "c:\Program Files".
>>  And you'll see double quotes.
> I know, but that is not what I meant by saying that double quotes are
> not allowed in the filename. By that I meant they are not allowed as
> part of the filename itself.
> The double quotes around the filename are put there and interpreted by
> the shell (OS).
> If you ask the OS directly for the filename, there will be no double
> quotes in it.
> Check for yourself
> In a DOS box do
> C:>copy con "1 2 3.txt"
> test file with spaces in its name
> ^Z (that is press Ctrl+Z) and press Enter.
> Now you create a file with spaces in its name.
> The shell (cmd.exe in W2K or higher) handles the double quotes.
> (It actually needs these to know if a space is part of the filename,
> or it means that the next part of the command is a new parameter)
> Now write a program and  with FindFirst retrieve the filname and see:
> the double quotes are not there.
> Bart
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