[fpc-pascal] Using cocoa instead of carbon libraries

Travis Siegel tsiegel at softcon.com
Mon Jan 26 17:34:54 CET 2009

Is there any way to use cocoa libraries instead of the carbon ones  
that have the headers shipped with fpc on osx?
The carbon apis are no longer supported by apple, and it would be nice  
to have cocoa apis supported, because of their better integration to  
the system, and their accessibility features that are basically free  
when used properly.
Is this something that can be done, is being done, planned to be done,  
or is it something I can do?
Honestly, I'm not tht great at C, and even using the carbon headers  
already provided are giving me enough troubles (are there any samples  
available?) but if we could use cocoa apis instead, fpc applications  
would fall right inline with accessibility guidelines, and make fpc  
programs accessible to many more folks using osx.

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