[fpc-pascal] FPC with Firebird SuperServer

Andrew Hall andrew.hall at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 25 21:47:01 CET 2009

We have been using Mac OS X 10.5 XCode 311, Firebird 211 Classic 32  
bit with FPC 224 (which contains the fix for the framework .dylib  
extension so that libfbclient.dylib can be located).  This works with  
FPC, FlameRobin and RazorSQL.  However, reading Firebird's  
recommendation that unless there is a good reason, SuperServer should  
be used we have attempted this conversion.  Switching to SuperServer  
32 bit, FlameRobin and RazorSQL continue to work - but FPC raises an  
exception.  EInOutError : Can not load default Firebird clients  
("libgds.dylib" or "libfbclient.dylib"). Check your installation.   
When the Framework is opened in the OS X library we confirm that  
libfbclient.dylib is no longer found (although the other 4 library  
files remain).

1) Can FPC work with Firebird SuperServer - if so, what configuration  
changes are required or does the FPC library required modification?
2) Is there other advice the forum can offer (eg. does Classic remain  
a reasonable choice, is SuperServer support planned, etc).

Thank you.
Andrew Hall.

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