[fpc-pascal] Decimal Precision Issue with Firebird

Andrew Hall andrew.hall at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 25 21:12:59 CET 2009

We are having problems reading decimal/numeric column types with  
TSQLQuery.  It appears if the precision of a decimal/numeric is more  
than 4 (for instance, DECIMAL(12,8) or DECIMAL(18,10) or DECIMAL(10,6)  
TSQLQuery raises an exception on reading - EDatabaseError : Unknown  
field type : COLUMN_NAME. However, using the established (informal)  
money-types for Firebird - DECIMAL(18,4) or DECIMAL(10,4) are OK, and  
multiple other variations are OK if precision is 4 or less.

1) is this a bug, or a known "feature" or limitation of the FPC  
Firebird library?
2) is there a workaround?  We require a decimal with at least 9  
decimal places precision (?perhaps DOUBLE PRECISION)
3) the issue with negative numerics with TSQLQuery being treated as  
unsigned, described in the bug list as fixed in FPC 231 - has this fix  
been moved to FPC 224?

Thank you.
Andrew Hall.

[Using Firebird 211 with FPC 224 on MacOSX 10.5 with XCode 311]
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