[fpc-pascal] Workaround for #0011837 (FPC <= 2.2.2 with GTK >= 2.13)

Giovanni Premuda lists at softwerk.it
Thu Jan 22 00:58:43 CET 2009

Vincent Snijders wrote:
> Anybody (also Giovanni Premuda) anyone spread this all over the 
> Lazarus site 
OK, I had the wrong impression that the lazarus docs where editable only 
by insiders, as the main site seems to be.

> by posting forum messages 
> and submitting news items
> , anybody (also Giovanni Premuda) can edit the Lazarus readmes and 
> release notes on the wiki
> anybody (also Giovanni Premuda) can request updates of the debian debs 
> in the debian bug tracker.
I don't think this is necessary
> There are no notes on sourceforge to be edited or updated, so nobody 
> can do that.
Could be useful
> Anybody (also Giovanni Premuda) can spread this everywhere else.
Done. (Ubuntu Forums)
> Do you get it?
No, I would like to see this as a news item and on the FAQs on the main 

But it looks like you are understimating the importance of this bug:

1. Potential user (i.e. potential contributor) install lazarus.
2. Potential user launches lazarus and sees an ugly interface
3. Potential user searches around and finds out that he can rebuild 
lazarus with GTK2 interface
4. Potential user rebuilds lazarus and... the rebuild doesn't work
5. Potential user thinks: I knew it was to good to be true
6. Potential user is neither user nor potential anymore


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