[fpc-pascal] csLoading and Create

Martin Friebe fpc at mfriebe.de
Wed Jan 14 14:25:24 CET 2009


If a component is loaded from a stream, then csLoading is set in 
ComponentState (or so I thought I understood the concept)
So in my component i do  "if not(csLoading in componentState)" ...

However I found this does not work in the constructor Create. csLoading  
is only set *after* the Constructor has been called.
(This is unless it is an inline component?).
- TReader does create the object with class.NewInstance (so create is 
not yet called)
- the for inlined components it does set csInline, scLoading => for 
others it does not set anything
- then the constructor create is called (but csLoading is not set)
- only then does csLoading get set

Is this supposed to be like this? How else can I inside Create check if 
the component is loaded from a stream?


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