[fpc-pascal] for .. in loop implementation

Jürgen Hestermann juergen.hestermann at gmx.de
Thu Jan 8 07:05:14 CET 2009

> P.S. Honestly, Pascal (and especially ObjectPascal) already hides quite 
> some stuff from the programmer. Properties, for example, can hide 
> potentially costly procedure calls in simple assignment statements.

That's true. But I am not happy about that approach. In the last years 
lots of things were added to Pascal that are no longer clear and simple. 
  And most of them are of little use (for the programmer). They only 
bloated the so small and easy to learn language.

> Mantra: First make it work, then make it fast.

In general that's true from the programmer's viewpoint. But this does 
not apply to adding language details because there is no 'first make it 
work'. Why obscure important implementation details if the only benefit 
is saving some writing?

 > BTW, any performance differences in the example above highly depends
 > on the work done in the loop body anyway, so whining about possible
 > performance issues is quite a bit premature here. ;)

Maybe, but you started talking about performance. ;-)

Jürgen Hestermann.

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