[fpc-pascal] TProcess.CommandLine > 255 fails

T.Guilleminot tom at guilleminot.org
Sat Jan 3 22:00:34 CET 2009

I'm on Linux. I've no idea how TProcess is compiled actually.
I discovered the problem with command passed into an ansistring and to 
test I also reproduced with a GTK_Entry Text (dont know how it is passed 

 > I use TProcess.CommandLine very often and I discovered that it seems
 > limited to 255 chars.
 > Does anyone know how to workaround this limitation ?

 >Which target/operating system? I assume that your code using TProcess
 >is compiled with {$H+} or in {$MODE DELPHI} (or that you declared the
 >respective variables as ansistrings explicitly?

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