[fpc-pascal] REQ: official FPC's FCGI framework

Bee bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Thu Feb 12 10:35:54 CET 2009

> We have a controlled deployment base and currently use Apache 2 under
> Linux and Windows. But looking on my local development machine, my
> Apache 2 only has modules for standard CGI (mod_cgi.so) and not
> FastCGI. :-(   I'm using Ubuntu 7.10.

If you need native FCGI support from the web server, you may start from 
here: http://code.google.com/p/extpascal/wiki/GettingStarted and read 
the "Setting using native FastCGI, only for Apache 2.2+" section on the 

If you don't need native FCGI support, you may read the "Setting using 
FastCGI thru CGI gateway (any Apache version and similar procedure on 
IIS)" section on the same article above.

Personally, I prefer the later because I have better control over the 
CGI gateway and the FCGI service. Especially during development, you 
don't want to restart your web server each time you recompile and rerun 
your program. ;)


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