[fpc-pascal] Origin of FPC features

Gerhard Scholz gs at g--s.de
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Bitpacked Structures:

The first time I've seen bitpacked structures (arrays & records) was on the pascal compiler for Control Data machines, about 1980.

If I remember right, it was the original ETH Z├╝rich compiler, made by someone of the Wirth staff.

( the keyword BITPACKED was not used, it was done by PACKED)

GPC also has bitpacked stuctures.


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  I'm writing a paper about FPC and I need references where each language feature comes from. So far, these are my what I know (some are guessing though): 

        Feature Original Dialect Additional Information 
        Separate compilation UCSD Pascal Unit based, not module (like Extended Pascal) 
        Primitive OOP Turbo Pascal C++ like 
        Modern OOP (including exceptions) Delphi Java like, though FPC was born before Java ;-) 
        Assembler integration UCSD? Turbo? AT&T and Intel 
        External references UCSD? Turbo? - 
        Operator overloading Pascal-XSC - 
        Function / Procedure overloading Delphi - 
        Dynamic arrays Delphi - 
        Variants Delphi - 
        Arrays as parameter enhancements Delphi Open arrays, partial arrays 
        Bitpacked Structures Native FPC - 
        Generics Native FPC - 
        Thread Programming Native FPC? Delphi? Bringing threads to language level 

  In case I miss something that you know, please add. Note that these features are related with language construct, not technical one (i.e. compiling speed, makefiles). 

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