[fpc-pascal] Forum merger

Andreas Berger Andreas at TheBergerClan.org
Wed Dec 16 17:55:43 CET 2009

> If I made one, then I'll make it using Powtils (fully CGI) or 
> ExtPascal (fully Ajax) because that's what I know and have been 
> experience with. I myself prefer to use fpWeb since it's provided by 
> FPC's FCL. No third party dependency is good for new comers, and it's 
> also better FPC/Lazarus promotion. I also intend to study fpWeb and 
> would try to combine it with ExtPascal, if possible.
I vote for a CGI approach (Then I could help). A sub-vote would go for 
fpWeb (Just need to find some good documentation for it), but I would 
accept Powtils.

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