[fpc-pascal] Re: Linking Problems while cross compiling for arm

Hartmut Eilers hartmut at eilers.net
Tue Dec 8 13:24:40 CET 2009


>> The toolchain I use is from free electron an embedded company which
>> uses this toolchain to build kernels for the USB9263. From my point of
>> view it must be possible to link against this toolchain.
> It's apparently "free electrons", not free electron. And they
> distribute a bunch of makefiles. And as far as I can tell from the
> description, it's just a bunch of scripts to build (and possibly
> install) a toolchain. I think that you simply installed it wrongly, so
> you only have the libraries required for running but not an
> environment required for compiling.

Sorry for the typo.
I installed the toolchain! they refer to and use in their cross compiling kernel
howto at: "http://free-electrons.com/doc/kernel-cross-compiling-lab.pdf"

"Otherwise, download the toolchain from http://freeelectrons.
4.3.2.tar.bz2 and uncompress it as root in /. Then, add the crosscompiler
directory to the PATH as shown above."

> Have you tried compiling a C program that links against libdl with the
> toolchain you installed? I guess that will fail in exactly the same way.

No I haven't done that, but I will do, can you give me a hint what I should
try to crosscompile?

Thanks and regards

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