[fpc-pascal] 32bit & 64bit FPC 2.4 install recommendations

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg at opensoft.homeip.net
Tue Aug 25 14:26:43 CEST 2009


Previously I only ever used the 32bit compiler and had my setup as follows:

 /opt/fpc    ->  fpc_2.2.5 symlink
       /src   -> source code from svn
    /fpc_2.3.1   ->  fpc_svn symlink
       /src   -> source code from svn

I have now moved over to a 64bit OS, but for work purposes still need to
compile 32bit executables of our software. I have also moved from v2.2.5
to the pre-2.4.0 (fixes_2_4 branch) as my "main" FPC compiler version.

Can anybody suggest how they manage there setups using both 32bit and
64bit compilers?

  * My ~/.fpc.cfg files uses the macros in paths so no matter the
    version, things should still work ok. But that was only for
    32bit FPC. What do I do now for 32bit & 64bit support
  * Do I need to create separate /opt/fpc_xxx directories for
    32bit & 64bit FPC versions, or cat both versions be installed
    in say /opt/fpc_2.4.0/bin  & ../lib directories without interfering
    with each other.

Anybody have suggestions? Or a wiki pages describing such a dual setup?
I'll be happy with an initial pre-v2.4.0 only setup and later figure out
how to add v2.5.x to the mix (if that makes things easier).

Any help is much appreciated.

  - Graeme -

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