[fpc-pascal] DBus interface needs an update

theo xpde at theo.ch
Mon Aug 10 08:58:42 CEST 2009

Florian Klaempfl schrieb:
>> You mean using the bugtracker?
> Yes.
OK, I can do that.
> Bug tracker, simply because somebody with at least some knowledge
> about dbus should review. My knowledge about dbus is close to zero :)
> I know it's name and that's it :)

Maybe the subject of this e-mail ist a bit misleading.

This is adding libhal and libhal-storage header translations.
They are only using dbus.pas, not updating it (which imho is not
necessary,  but probably a confusion with dbus-glib by the reporter).
These are only header translations not "rocket-science" ;-)
You can test them with the provided example lshalpas.pp.
lshalpas should produce the same results as lshal
So imho testing lshalpas is enough "review" ;-)

Best regards

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