[fpc-pascal] Carbon: i386 vs PPC API's

EarMaster - Bent Olsen bent at earmaster.com
Mon Sep 29 11:11:41 CEST 2008

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> On 29 Sep 2008, at 09:27, EarMaster - Bent Olsen wrote:
> > Is there any precautions one should make when sharing FPC codes
> > between i386
> > and PowerPC?
> >
> > I've few calls to AudioToolbox API's which works fine under i386, but
> > crashes in PPC - the exact API call is AudioConverterNew, and the
> > records
> > passed to the API looks good, and is also returned by AudioToolbox
> > itself.
> >
> > It doesn't return an error code - just crashes with EXC_ARITHMETIC
> > error in
> > a procedure called SincKernel::CalculateFilterCoefficients.
> First of all: when starting a new thread, please write a new message
> to the mailing list rather than replying to an existing one and
> changing the subject. Such replies mess up automatic threading both in
> the web archive and in various mail clients.

Noted! Sorry, I wasn't aware of this.

> That said, the crash you get is caused by a floating point arithmetic
> error (one of many) in Apple's system frameworks (which also exist in
> several OpenGL implementations for Windows, in GTK2 etc). These do not
> cause any problems in most C programs, because in C programs by
> default all floating point exceptions are masked (and hence no one
> ever notices such errors).
> You can mask them in FPC as well by adding the "math" unit to your
> uses clause and performing the following call at the start of your
> program:

Thanks! I did this, and it works like a charm ;-)

> SetExceptionMask([exInvalidOp, exDenormalized, exZeroDivide,
> exOverflow, exUnderflow, exPrecision])
> Note that this will mask all floating point exceptions everywhere,
> i.e., also in your Pascal code. The only alternative is to save,
> change and restore the floating point exception mask around every call
> to a system routine directly or indirectly related to audio or
> graphics.
> Jonas

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