[fpc-pascal] [RFC] Modification to packages/paszlib/src/zipper.pp

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Sun Sep 28 09:26:04 CEST 2008

With reference to this thread..

and the resulting bug entry..

I had a similar requirement, so I went and had a crack at patching zipper.pas.

It does precisely what _I_ want it to do, but it's not the cleanest of hacks and I wonder if there 
is a better way to do it?

I post it here for comment anyway.

In short rather than call ZipFiles(), I now call ZipSomeFiles(). I can then replace the path each 
file will appear to have inside the zip file with SetFilePath() prior to calling ZipAllFiles() to 
create the zipfile.

I was thinking perhaps it might be better to attach an ansistring to each stringlist.object entry 
with a new path prior to calling ZipFiles() instead, but I thought I'd solicit comment first.

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