[fpc-pascal] FPC IDE on Windows: Configuring colours

Frank Peelo f26p at eircom.net
Thu Sep 25 13:23:18 CEST 2008

Marco van de Voort wrote:
> In our previous episode, Frank Peelo said:
>>My questions are:
>>   How do I change the IDE colours? Is there some configuration I need to
>>   change to enable the dialogue?

Hi Marco, hope you're keeping well!

> Afaik the trouble is that the colorselection widget was not available in the
> "Free Vision" (based on free code), while in the pre 2000 (Turbo Vision) it
> was available. The IDE still has support for it, albeit under (disabled)
> ifdef.

Ah. So it's the user guide that is not up to date. I had seen a message 
that the widget was not free, but thought the problem had been solved 
since when I saw it in the current user guide.

Fair enough.

> So what is needed is a colorsel unit. Maybe if you are really able, you
> could try to use/port TP's unit, but better would be to start making an own.

Once upon a time I thought I had a clue about Pascal. Today I had to 
look up the syntax of the Case statement... and I don't even get to 
watch Television these days, never mind Turbovision! So I'll have to 
pass on that, sorry.


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