[fpc-pascal] Binary compatibility between Intel CPU and PowerPC CPU

Jeff Wormsley daworm10 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 16 19:26:57 CEST 2008

Well, the (inefficient / multiplatform - choose one) way is to not store 
data as binary, instead using something like XML.  Probably not an 
option, but there will be a tradeoff and a penalty no matter what.  One 
way would be store the data in the endianness of the consistently slower 
platform (so as not to further slow down a system that is already 
slow).  Another would be to pick the endianness of the most popular 
platform for your product so that it performs as well as possible where 
the most users are.  Its a decision you'll have to make on your own, though.


Roland Turcan wrote:
> Hello FPC-Pascal users discussions!
> What is the best way to keep the binary compatibility among different
> CPU architectures.
> I need to make our own database engine compatible and other binary
> files, that user still can use our data from i386 or PowerPC computer.
> I really don't like the idea to change the order of all numeric
> variables on PowerPC, because it costs time of CPU.
> There must be easier way how to keep the compatibility.
> Could you give me some hints for better solution.

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