[fpc-pascal] Unable to authenticate to update entry in "contributed units"

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 01:25:46 CEST 2008


I just added an entry to "contributed units" (Kambi VRML game engine). 
Of course, two seconds later I wanted to correct it. But I can't --- 
looks like I cannot authenticate. And it seems it's a bug, not my bad 
memory. When I input my current (both now and at the time of submitting 
the entry) community username (just my email, 
"michalis.kambi at gmail.com") and passwd, the system answers

"No user match
Warning: Authentication failed.
Sorry, but the password you provided doesn't match the password in the 

Funny thing is, when I really input wrong password or username, the 
answer is different: I get

"Username not known in community system, please create an account first, 
or verify password"

So it looks like it did recognize my correct password at some point, but 
then went bad?

Of course, I can login to community site with my password. It may be 
important to mention that a couple of minutes before submitting to 
"contributed units" I actually changed my email and password on 
community. I tried updating on "contributed units" with both my old and 
new passwords, and none works.

While I'm at it, some more issues with "contributed units" that I want 
to mention:

1. No email was generated, neither to fpc-announce nor to my private 
email. But I left both checkboxes "on" ("Send me a mail with 
confirmation.", and "Send a mail to the announcement mailing list.") 
when submitting my entry.

2. Could we please get more space in the "File URL:" field? It's 
currently limited to 80 characters (which is actually what I wanted to 
correct in my particular entry, I pasted the URL and it got cut to 80 
characters, cutting of ".gz" extension from the URL and making it invalid).


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