[fpc-pascal] Exe size

Paul paul.blommaerts at telenet.be
Thu Sep 4 16:34:29 CEST 2008

I have to use:

C:\FPC\2.2.2\bin\i386-win32\strip.exe --strip-all 
anything else fails.

In my Dutch version here, after compling is on the top position in that 
compiler tab which is in fact before compling
Probably a translation bug.

After compling, I got "Oeps - debugger crash".

Ayway, the size was still 1116 kb for and empty program (button and a label) 
and the limit for my full program (Delphi) is 1 Mb
There's still a long way to go ..
For Windows, it's not a problem (Delphi program), but I want it for WinCE 
and I have the same restrictions there.


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> Paul schrieb:
>> I've read that, but isn't it suppose to work within the ide instead of 
>> always start the cmd prompt and type in this ?
>> (or use a batch)
> Project -> Compilersettings -> [Last Tab] -> Execute after
> (I hope this is right, i've only the german version here).
>> Will this work for WinCE also, cause this what I actually want to do?
> Don't know.
> hth
> Michael
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