[fpc-pascal] package help & site bug

Marco Ciampa ciampix at libero.it
Wed Sep 3 23:19:35 CEST 2008

In the search of a .deb package for my ibook G4 (ubuntu)
I've just noted that the page:


write about and the links to the non existant fpc 2.2.0 version that

1- on sourceforge the linux ppc packages just does not exist
2- on the other mirror sites points to the old 2.2.0 instead 
   of the newer (and actually present) 2.2.2 packages so 
   causing a 550 error

 - how to create the individual .deb packages as in Debian (not just one
   monolithic from the tar.gz package)?
 - Are the Debian packages compatible with Ubuntu? 
 - How these (Debian) packages were created?
 - If I successfully create a series of linux-ppc.deb packages, where I
   should put those to let other users dowload them? 
 - (optionally) how to compile and create lazarus ide too?



Marco Ciampa

| Linux User  #78271 |
| FSFE fellow   #364 |

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