[fpc-pascal] Best method to uninstall fpc and lazarus

Paul paul.blommaerts at telenet.be
Tue Sep 2 17:46:31 CEST 2008

I can't post them anymore, I closed all applications and switched of  the 
computer (incl power - had to move the pc)
I didn't any errors though and needed to enter my password each time. 
(luckely,  I left it empty for the moment)
I also removed many of the files manually, but propably not all.
I will search for other files also (config's ..)

Anyways, I still don't know where it went wrong: all I did was install 
fpc2.2.2 with the dmg and the same with Lazarus (snapshot)
I did not install the source files then, maybe that's a problem.
None of the fpc folders were listed in the Lazarus environment settings.


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> On 02 Sep 2008, at 16:31, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> On Tue, 2 Sep 2008 17:13:11 +0200
>> "Paul" <paul.blommaerts at telenet.be> wrote:
>>> Yes, and entered them each seperately in terminal also.
>> The commands do not work in terminal (because the variables are not
>> assigned with export). They work only in a script.
> No, that should also work in terminal:
> firefly:~ jmaebe$ a=5
> firefly:~ jmaebe$ echo $a
> 5
> firefly:~ jmaebe$
> The reason it won't work in terminal is because the sudo's are missing 
> (but then you should get "permission denied" errors, even with rm -f  --  
> except if the directories don't exist because you entered a wrong  path, 
> in which case nothing will be printed).
> Jonas
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