[fpc-pascal] Best method to uninstall fpc and lazarus

Paul paul.blommaerts at telenet.be
Tue Sep 2 13:43:31 CEST 2008

> <quote>
> "You can copy and save the commands below to file uninstallLaz.sh and  
> run it if you need to uninstall Lazarus and Free Pascal. You can  
> usually install newer versions of Lazarus and Free Pascal over older  
> versions, but as with most software it's not a bad idea to clean out  
> everything before you install a newer version. This list of commands  
> should also give you a sense of where the various pieces of Lazarus  
> and Free Pascal are located."
> [ commands ]
> To run this script, change to the directory where it's stored and enter:
>  chmod +x uninstallLaz.sh
>  sudo ./uninstallLaz.sh
> Then enter your password when prompted.
> </quote>

Just did this, no error reported  but Lazarus still starts up ...


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