[fpc-pascal] Installing on Mac OS X

Schindler Karl-Michael karl-michael.schindler at physik.uni-halle.de
Mon Sep 1 18:01:10 CEST 2008


I just want to let you know, that I am still active for a lazarus  
installation using fink. At least some of the problems Paul encounterd  
should be solved  by this. "fink install lazarus" will resolve all  
dependencies for freepascal, the sources and libs like gdkpixbuf. It  
will also put a link to the lazarus application into /Applications/ 
Fink, so new users will have less of a problem finding it. The setup  
is also supposed to offer three versions, carbon, gtk and possibly  
gtk2. The current implementation if based on the dated 0.9.24 version  
and I am not going to put much more effort into this, but wait until  
the 0.9.26 release is out. I already did a number of test, so  
finishing up should be possible within a few weeks.

Installation with fink means all the nitty gritty details live in / 
sw/..., which can produce problems on its own and surely will.  
However, the main advantage of fink is that the combo "fink purge  
lazarus" and "fink purge fpc" will properly take care of uninstalling  
including preference files. As much as i can say on the basis of my  
experinces with fink, it should be possible to do all corrections and  
settings within fink.

All the best - Michael Schindler, aka mischi.

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