[fpc-pascal] Regular expressions

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Wed Nov 19 15:00:08 CET 2008

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm taking up the challenge in writing a Free Pascal & fpGUI newsgroup
>> reader. The main reason is really to archive the news content for
>> off-line processing, so that I can extend the WebNews (cgi
>> application) used by tiOPF and fpGUI projects to support searching
>> message content (headers and body) of newsgroups. I also want to use
>> the search feature for my custom written Wiki cgi application.  There
>> seems to be many people hosting private newsgroups, but don't have any
>> message body search feature.  The only alternative is to using
>> something like Mozilla Thunderbird and ask to download newsgroup
>> content for offline reading - though Thunderbird has some serious
>> Search bugs which makes it pretty useless for the task!
>> Anyway, for searching I was thinking of using regular expressions -
>> though I must admit, I know nothing of the subject (yet).
>> As a preliminary tally of what components I can use, I have the
>> following question:
>> How does the 'regexp' unit included in FCL compare to components like
>> TRegExpr [http://www.regexpstudio.com/TRegExpr/TRegExpr.html] and I
>> heard some people mention PCRE?   Though I have no clue what the
>> latter is. :-)
>> PS:
>> If I am barking up the wrong tree and regular expressions are not the
>> way to go, please enlighten me of an alternative route.  eg; I would
>> love to sort the messages in a Firebird database, but does anybody
>> know if Firebird RDBMS supports of has some plugin for full text
>> search? I don't like MySQL by the way!
> Sphinx is a database full text search engine which has now also
> support for Firebird. It has a library API so it should be easy
> to interface to it from FPC.
> It's on my list for some of our apps, but I didn't get around to
> it yet.
> Michael.


Where did you see support for Firebird?  This sounds very promising as Firebird 
has needed a good FTS for a long time.  I looked around the site but didn't see 
any mention of Firebird.

BTW, it appears someone already wrote a delphi unit for it.  Haven't tried it, 
just glanced at the source a bit.


Warm Regards,


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