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Здравствуйте, Marc.

Вы писали 13 ноября 2008 г., 21:43:38:

MS> Am Donnerstag, den 13.11.2008, 18:59 +0200 schrieb KES:
>> Здравствуйте, Marc.
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>> MS> Then I'd say the fault is clearly on the firebird side.
>> MS> One last thing I'd try is to use another name (like with ld: using
>> MS> -lmine is searching for "libmine.so", not only "mine.so"), if that
>> MS> fails, too, it time for one of fpc's developers to comment or the
>> MS> firebird people to investigate.
>> what do you mean?

MS> Try to give your library another name, preferably not having the string
MS> "lib" in it. If the linker gets called it searches "libm" for a request
MS> to link to "m". But I do not think that'll help ...

MS> Better would be to push the verbosity of firebirds error messages up
MS> (-vv or something like that) and investigate why it does not find the
MS> lib.

MS> Best tools for this job are syscall loggers like ktrace/strace/truss/...
MS> (look in the ports tree), chances are good to find the problem in their
MS> logging output.

MS> Marc

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I have tryied my example to compile in Delphi. Then I use DLL in
FireBird on Win32. All works fine. So my source file is good
and therefore FreePascal can not compile shared library that can be
recognized by FireBird (((

Is there work arounds?

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