[fpc-pascal] Re: classes initialization

M Pulis toothpic at fastq.com
Tue Mar 25 13:55:52 CET 2008

>> p.s. I think the inconsistent behavior between local scope records  
>> and global scope records is kind of a flaw/danger in modern  
>> pascal.. as the bugs may not be caught until someone builds a  
>> program with local scope var..
> Using uninitialised variables is virtually always bad, regardless  
> of the scope. And the fact that global variables are zeroed at the  
> program start is afaik not defined by the Pascal standard. It's  
> just a side effect of the way most operating systems work.


Pascal does not define any variable initialization itself - one  
should always init all Pascal vars of any type. Doing so is an  
excellent coding habit also portable to any other language/OS -  
protects against low-level implementation changes.

I never trust a side effect I didn't code myself..... 8-))


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