[fpc-pascal] Erlang/YAWS vs Free Pascal/Xitami

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Mon Mar 24 17:04:07 CET 2008

On 24 Mar 2008, at 16:53, Jilani Khaldi wrote:
> Jilani Khaldi wrote:
>> Which is better for my web application?
>> http://www.dotpas/org/cgi-bin/articles/a01
> Soory, the URL is:
> http://www.dotpas.org/cgi-bin/articles/a01

I guess the main problem is that you are writing Pascal in a way which  
is very suited for a functional language (like Erlang), but which is  
extremely inefficient when used in an imperative language like Pascal  
(or C, C++, Java, ...).

Anyway, I don't think such posts are very much suited to this list  
(unless the idea is to instigate endless discussions about "which  
language is best"), so I'd prefer it if you could take this to the fpc- 
other list.



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