[fpc-pascal] unit system;  procedure move();

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Mon Mar 17 12:34:29 CET 2008


I need more informations about the move() procedure  form unit system.
I want to shift an array (values:array[0..Maximum-1] of single) like the 
following lines:

for i:=Maximum-1 downto 1 do values[i]:=values[i-1];

I found the move procedure (unit system) and wrote this lines:


I would use the move procedure, because the move procedure is very quickly.
The program runs very well with move, but I would avoid access violations in 
future. That are the reasons of my questions:
Is the use of the move procedure right? The array length is Maximum-1. When I 
put this length on value[1], the last entry value[Maximum-1] would be deleted 
or would be shifted in an different memory area? What happens with the last 
entry value[Maximum-1]?

Thank you.


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