[fpc-pascal] Borland Turbo Pascal -> fpc

vince coen vbcoen at btconnect.com
Sun Mar 16 12:49:50 CET 2008

Hi all;

I have 50+ units and 4 programs written in TP v7.0, also there are 30+ modules 
written in assembler. Some of the TP units contain inline code as well as 
inline aseembler.  All these work in a Dos box in Windows (tested in XP) as 
well as Linux via dosemu/freedos.

Some of the units have code from James Lemay's Powerpack 1 and I would like to 
update this to Powerpack 2 but can not find this code anywhere. The 
author/programmer seems to have vanished. Can anyone help locate this Pascal 
library (with source code)? 

I would like to convert all of this to fpc so that I can make the package work 
in all environments.  This whole package has been made open source and the 
current version is to be placed on sourceforge to update a very old version.

Just how difficult will it be to do this? 

PS. I have limited experience in Pascal just enough gained while fixing bugs 
and adding improvements to this package which is a Fido (BBS) File processor.

Thank you all for reading this.


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