[fpc-pascal] FPC on Mac OS X

Sandy Moir sm at sandymoir.plus.com
Mon Mar 10 21:22:54 CET 2008

I'm trying to run FPC 2.2 on my G5 iMac (PPC) under OS X 10.4.11. 
It's unclear to me if this can *only* be run from Terminal; I had 
expected it to be a "normal" Mac application. After installing Xcode 
2.2.0 and FPC, I can find fpc in /usr/local/bin, but there's no sign 
of anything in Applications.  I don't want to use the command line 
version unless there's no other way.

Apologies if I'm sending this query to the wrong list; I've had a 
*little* experience of Terminal, and have used Borland Turbo Pascal 
several years ago on an old Mac Plus. Any help will be appreciated!

Sandy Moir

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