[fpc-pascal] Re: assitent with Macro translation

Milan Marusinec milan at marusinec.sk
Thu Mar 6 22:40:33 CET 2008

Marco van de Voort wrote:
>> I've started binding libsvn to FPC, and I have encountered the
>> following macro that I do not know how to translate:
>> #define APR_ARRAY_IDX(ary,i,type) (((type *)(ary)->elts)[i])
>> The usage of such macro is as follows:  APR_ARRAY_IDX (new_entries, i,
>> const char *);
>> How can I translate the "type" ?
> You can't. This is more like trying to do generics with macro's on C level.
> And since FPC macro's afaik have no parameter syntax, this is not possible.
Hmm, what about (+/-):

type_of_elts_entry(type_ptr(integer(ary.elts ) + i * 
sizeof(type_of_elts_entry ) )^ )

I've been solving issues like this many times on AggPas and icu4pas 


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