[fpc-pascal] Re: WSAGetLastError returns 0 when it shouldn't but I cannot see why

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Thu Mar 6 18:50:38 CET 2008

El Thu, 06 Mar 2008 13:09:34 +0100
"Lukas Gebauer" <gebylist at mlp.cz> escribiĆ³:

> It is IMHO bug in FPC, just because Synapse code working in 
> Delphi/Kylix threads perfectly. It have a problem on FPC threads 
> only, and as I see in this discussion, problem have other programs 
> too, not just Synapse. And I am pretty sure, Synapse working fine 
> with some older FPC versions.

And it also works fine with fpc under linux. That's why I wrote "fix"
in quotes, since I don't think that synapse is doing anything wrong.
Anyway, since I need/want to use synapse (actually I don't want to
write my own  ftp client, the one in synapse works just fine), while
the compiler gurus find the cause of the problem, I worked around it in
SockCheck by assigning a dummy code to FLastError if
synsock.WSAGetLastError returns 0.
I'm still worried of other side effects in windows TThread code.


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