[fpc-pascal] AnsiDequotedStr not return empty for ""

Damien Gerard milipili at shikami.org
Mon Mar 3 10:28:21 CET 2008

Le Mar 2, 2008 à 6:11 PM, zaher dirkey a écrit :

> Who is need to return the same source if it empty quoted string?
> That force me to implement a new function to use it.

I think the real problem is the Delphi Compatiblity.
If the function works the same in Delphi, it must be kept like this.
But a new function (with a different name) may be created with a more  
intuitive behavior.

> On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Micha Nelissen  
> <micha at neli.hopto.org> wrote:
> Peter Vreman wrote:
> >> In case always check Delphi documentation to see wether the  
> behaviour
> >> you see is intentional.
> >
> > In case of "" it is also ambigious what you want. Because "" in the
> > middle of the string is translated to a single ". So you might also
> > expect that it returns a single " instead of an empty string.
> Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect the rules are similar to Pascal
> itself, with '''' being a single quote, and '' an empty string ?
> Micha

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