[fpc-pascal] make RELEASE=1 ?

Denis Golovan denisgolovan at yandex.ru
Fri Feb 29 09:43:04 CET 2008

Hi, all!

  Some time I was building LCL using standart command:
  make clean all # for current target cpu,os
  make clean all OS_TARGET=wince CPU_TARGET=arm PP=ppcarm

  ... and everything seem working well.

  The problem is that I got some special bugs - some components such TMemDataset are unable to work with ARM processors without proper data 
alignment. Such bugs are hard to find without debug info (-gl switch) and later stack tracing. Another problem is my executable with debug info 
about 18Mb size and due its size it just refuses to run on Windows CE :(. 
  So I decided to switch -gl only on some potentially problematic units and remove debug info from others. (Strip removes entire debug info)
  I tried to build LCL using:

  make clean all RELEASE=1 OS_TARGET=wince CPU_TARGET=arm PP=pparm

  but it just cannot find some base units (i.e. contnrs - fcl-base package). Its because makefile generated by fpcmake contains -n switch (do not 
read standart fcp config). Removing -n from makefile (not makefile.fpc of course) does the job and LCL successfully compiles with RELEASE=1.

  Maybe someone give a hint how to use RELEASE=1 conditional without removing -n manually from makefiles?
  Or how to debug on wince :) ?

P.S. Gentoo Linux, Lazarus SVN, FPC SVN

Best regards,
Denis Golovan aka MageSlayer

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